Don’t drink poop water

I am was looking to make some modern renovations to my home and bring in some additional income in the process. My plan was to put a mother in law suit in the basement. The process required a change to the plumbing of the home to accommodate the addition of a kitchen and bathroom in the basement. Of course you cant do anything with the city sticking their nose into your business so I scheduled to have someone come out from the zoning department.

At first everything was going well, as well as it can with someone poking around your home. The issue we ran into was that the plumbing for the house was not built under the basement floor. I was aware of this prior to starting this project but knew a waste water pump could effectively move the water from the sub level to the septic system. What I didn’t know was that back when this house was built they did things mighty different than they do now. Back when my home was built they drilled the well and dug the septic system right next to each other. By today’s standards this is a BIG no no.

The concern is that septic waste could leak into the drinking water. I have been drinking this water for many years now without issue so I think it is fine. Apparently that is not a conclusive argument for the city health department though. They had to take samples of my drinking water and may require me to move the septic system. That will only be required though if I proceed with my remodeling plans. it seems silly to only require it if I remodel but I guess that is government.

Discounts for Tree Removal in Logan Utah

Looking For Tree Removal Discounts

After years of neglect it is finally time to take some action. “What do some actual work?” you ask. Even the lazy need to get busy some time. In this case I need to remove a Willow tree that has grown far to long with no one to keep it in check. It has grown so big that it has finally started to put my home into jeopardy. The best solution for me is to chop the tree¬†down and plant a new tree. Maybe a fruit tree this time, I think an apple tree.

Being the lazy and might I add frugal home owner that I am. I am already aware that this will not be cheap job. Lucky for me I know the tree care industry is a competitive marketplace and I plan to use that to my advantage! I plan to get a nice discount on my tree removal cost. To do this I will need to search out the local companies to see what offers they have.

My first step is going to be to look online for local companies that offer tree trimming in Logan, UT. Thanks to the digital age most tree companies are posting their business online. A simple google search should yield a good variety of my local tree service companies. Once I find a tree company online I am going to check for discounts that they are offering. Unfortunately I don’t think that many of these companies are going to have well maintained websites. So in the end I will probably call and ask them if they are offering any discounts or specials on their tree services for the month. The one that offers the best deal and can come out the soonest will be the winner and might even earn a loyal patron for life.